Petite île

First bouldering gym in Brussels

Posters serie

Design of a flexible poster template with a strong and playful recognizable identity.

Like a sort of newspaper pages, the posters are promoting and explaining the different types of events organized at the bouldering gym during the year.

Velvet Films

Films production

Visual dentity, UI, web design

Velvet Films focalizes on the development and the production of international feature films, as well as the emergence of Belgian filmmakers.

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Private Golf Jet

Corporate golf events


Three proposals for the logo of the brand new company. The first one has been retained and adopted.

Galerie de la Béraudière

Art gallery

UI, web design

A splendid art gallery specialized in the masters of the 19th and 20th centuries, with a keen eye for excellence and an uncompromising demand on quality.

Inheriting an existing visual identity, we develope gradually a more trendy approach for the whole communication.

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Patrick Carpentier


Vector powering, complicity

Patrick Carpentier is a multi talents artist. Always a pleasure to share insights and to bring graphical techniques for the artworks.

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International Symposium

Graphic design, illustration, UI, development

First and second edition of the Symposium organized by the International Association of Corporate Collections of Contemporary Art (IACCCA).

We have covered all the steps of communication, from the invitation by email & the online registration until the paper programme.

Mappa Mundo


Logotype, stationary

New branding for the Mappa Mundo bar. Project in development.


Corporate Art Collections

Web, UI, collaborative platform

The association IACCCA is an unique network that represents the best of the corporate art collections of the contemporary art community.

The website is a public window reflecting this rich diversity as well as an intern collaborative tool. Each curator manages by himself a dedicated and private dashboard that allows to publish events, to update information at anytime and to browse many internal document.

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